Thursday, March 8, 2012


photos by Late January

Round Two of Paper Mache Spheres, I recently sold my first set on Etsy (seen here). Woo Hoo!! That made me very very happy to say the least. It was actually my first sell on Etsy to a complete stranger via my page. Several other sales have been made, not officially through my Etsy page, but they were not nearly as exciting as sending a product I made with my own hands to a complete stranger.

Etsy has been quite the adventure for me, a very slow adventure. I opened my store over a year ago when I lived in Dallas, and never made a sale until this year. The biggest lesson for was correctly calculating shipping prices before putting whatever I 'guestimated' on the selling page. I sold a little tea pot last week and charged $3.00 shipping. The shipping actually costed a little over $8.00. Not much profit was made considering the tea pot was sold for $10.00. I was a little disappointed in myself to say the least. Lesson learned, none the less. On to a new day!

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